We are especially proud of the genuine Slovenian dual drying rack “Topler” that was built in 2007 for one of our clients in a small village Mala Goričica on the altitude of 600m near village Metnaj in the Municipality of Ivančna Gorica.

It is one of the biggest and most beautiful drying racks in the whole world.

Due to its appearance and colours the rack fits perfectly into the environment and beauty of the surrounding nature.

Some data about the rack:

Floor plan of the rack – 10×15m (between columns), consists of about approx. 160 m3 spruce and oak wood.

It is a direct result of our own planning and it is a unique specimen.

Take a tour around the rack: from the basement, where a wine shop and a storage space are located, climb the stairs to reach the ground level that contains the space intended for fodder grass storage, toilets, a corridor and a staircase made of oak wood. Climb it to reach the first storey - there are located a nice traditional kitchen with a dining room and an open terrace, a bedroom and a bathroom. To end with the tour, climb the attic, a place to indulge in the world of Turkish and Finnish saunas, and a big place where to play several board and other games. There is also a balcony that offers an impressive panoramic view over the surrounding landscape.