Structural woodwork

For the structural woodwork we use freshly cut spruce wood, finger-jointed (glued) wood (KVH) and glued laminated timber (BSH).

  • Simple and complex roofs
  • Canopies, additional structures
  • Garden houses, pavilions,...
  • Timber huts
  • Dual drying rack – Topler
  • Wooden floors, agricultural buildings
  • Garages
  • Wooden facades
  • Internal sidings
  • Terraces

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  • Tondach
  • Bramac
  • Creaton
  • Esal
  • Eternit
  • Gerard
  • Isola
  • Tegola ( Canadese, Iko,...)
  • Lexan – polycarbonate glass
  • Tin roofs( Cu, Al,…)
  • Installation of roof windows

We use also other roof coverings.

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Tinplate works

We execute all tinplate building works: gutters, outflow pipes ….

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Thermal insulation

Ursa, Tervol, wood flax (Steico, Agepan,...), hemp (Thermo Hanf), cellulose,…

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Drywall construction

  • Drywall construction systems such as Knauf,Rigips
  • Suspended ceilings, wall panels, attics,...

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Massive construction

  • Carpentry works
  • Production of sidings, concrete foundations, panels, staircases,…
  • Laying and fixation of armature
  • Concrete incorporation

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Prefabricated houses

The production of prefabricated houses is made exclusively on order or in agreement with our client.

For further information about the construction system, the walls’, ceilings’ and roofs’ composition, and materials used for the construction, do not hesitate to contact us on the telephone n. +386 (0)31 77 45 01, Mr. Matjaž Novak, or write us an e-mail on E-mail:

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